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Speech and Language Evaluation and Therapy for Children and Young Adults

Gina is a licensed and certified Speech and Language Pathologist in Westfield, MA. Using an in-person or teletherapy model, she combines specialized assessment and therapy interventions with family education and support, to meet the speech and language needs of the whole child.

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Why should I choose private speech therapy for my child?

Private therapy provides a unique structure to the assessment and therapeutic experience. It is a collaborative effort between a skilled clinician and a concerned dedicated parent or caregiver.

  • Children work and learn new skills in a comfortable environment.
  • Children are encouraged to use their preferred interest toys, games, books, and homework assignments, in addition to experiencing new materials for engagement in therapy.
  • Children are provided one-on-one therapy to address specific needs.
  • Caregiver consultation is provided at each session to give instruction and support.

Gina’s Services Include:

  • Free 15 minute phone consultation
  • Teletherapy or in-person speech and language evaluation and therapy
  • Daycare screenings
  • Toddler and preschool screenings
  • School District Independent Evaluation

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Building Communication Skills Together

Comprehensive Evaluation

Gina enjoys the collaborative evaluation process between a child, a parent or caregiver, the teacher or the physician. Whether it is caregiver intuition, classroom teacher concern, or a doctor's recommendation to have speech and language concerns addressed, Gina takes the time to assess all areas to provide a diagnostic evaluation and determine if a delay or disorder is present.


With over 25 years of experience, Gina brings therapeutic and case management skills, coupled with a compassionate, yet structured and engaging approach, to each therapy session. Her work with a variety of disabilities includes Developmental Delay, Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Hearing Impairment, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, stroke (CVA), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and other neurological disorders.

Speech Related

  • Oral Motor Function
  • Articulation
  • Phonological Processes
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)
  • Dysarthria
  • Stuttering and Cluttering
  • Tongue-tie or Lip-tie post-release Programs
  • Frontal and Lateral Lisp
  • Vocal Abuse and Vocal Nodules

Language Related

  • Receptive and Expressive Language
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Reading Disabilities-Decoding, Encoding and Comprehension
  • Written Expression
  • Language Processing and Memory
  • Executive Function/Cognitive Flexibility, Planning, Organization, and Initiation
  • Social Communication, Pragmatic Language and Social Play Skills
  • Auditory Processing
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Some of the Therapeutic Interventions Gina Offers

  • Dynamic Temporal Tactile Cueing (DTTC)
  • Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol (K-SLP) by Nancy Kaufman
  • Moving Across Syllables by Jill Kirkpatrick
  • ReST: Rapid Syllable Transition Therapy for Apraxia
  • Social Thinking by Michelle Garcia Winner
  • Lively Letters by Reading with TLC
  • TALKIES by Nanci Bell
  • Visualizing and Verbalizing by Nanci Bell
  • Story Grammar Marker (SGM)
  • Many more evidence-based therapy techniques
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Gina Biskupic, M.A.,CCC-SLP
Speech and Language Pathologist

About Gina Biskupic

Following years of case management for people with traumatic brain injury, Gina began her speech pathology career working in rehabilitation and long-term care facilities. A few years later, she moved on to work with young children through high school students, while raising her two children with her husband. Gina is a lifelong learner and enjoys research, professional development and training opportunities. She is passionate about her work with children and young adults at every age and stage. As a skilled clinician, Gina uses standardized assessment tools, along with observation, play, conversation, and history to gain a comprehensive view of the whole child. She strives to provide the best therapy techniques, combined in a nurturing, goal-oriented and motivating one-to-one session. She has compassion for all, but has a soft spot for the most challenging of diagnoses.

Gina believes early identification and intervention of delayed or disordered skills brings the best outcome for a child's future. She is well versed in the impact of underdeveloped social-emotional and readiness skills on the overall educational experience. She is a proponent of building a solid set of primary skills made up of functional communication, family and community support, peer relationships, social and behavioral development, and academics.

Gina volunteers her time and services to join a select group of SLPs and outdoor adventure camp leaders at Camp Words Unspoken (CWU). She is part of the clinical speech and development team and a practicing SLP at the camp. Camp Words Unspoken is New England's first overnight summer camp for children and teens who stutter.

Gina, also known in the local school community as "Mrs. B", offers private practice services. Speech and language evaluation and therapy are provided using an in-person model or teletherapy service. Her goal is to build a partnership between a child, a family, their community and a therapist. Let's Build Communication Skills Together!

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